About Us

About Us

Vikash Aluminium Extrusion Private Limited was established in 1993 as a firm manufacturing crockery products in Industrial Belt of Jamshedpur. It was in April of 2015 that it changed the object of its business and entered the industry of aluminium extrusion, providing high quality aluminium sections used in different sectors.

Vikash Aluminum's commitment to Quality and Perfection has taken it to great heights. From being a newbie to producing a wide range of over 100 profiles that go upto 4 mm in width. Vikash has been successfully selling its aluminium profiles in various markets and different sectors from Building and Architectural to Industrial, Vikash is actively contributing in revolutionizing the use of aluminum in the Indian Markets. With zero tolerance when it comes to quality, Vikash has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Apart from Jamshedpur and all of Jharkhand, Vikash Aluminum Extrusion Private Limited is also successfully playing in the markets of various states including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Odhissa. This was possible within two years of its investment in extrusion industry only because of the quality it provides and also its marketing strategies with the Directors personally taking keen interest in both the production and the marketing of the aluminium profiles.

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Our commitment to :-

has led us to produce aluminium sections easily comparable to top industry players in India when it comes to quality, with an ever increasing customer base.

Vikash Aluminium Extrusion Private Limited has its facility setup at Gamharia, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. With two press already installed in its facility, having a capacity of 1000 MT each of Aluminium Sections.


To become a number one supplier of quality Aluminium sections in the years to come, not only in the domestic market, but also in the Global market.


It is our mission to provide our customers with what they need at a price, which to them represents value, and delivered in a manner that exceeds their expectations.

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